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Extensive Gulf Barter Benefits

Brings New Customers:
Gulf Barters brings new customers to a business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being gener­ated by the company. This may result in more “word-­of-mouth” referrals, an increased work-portfolio, more recommendations, improved organizational skills, higher visibility and more cash sales.

Pays for Purchases Out of New Sales:
Businesses acquire what they need, or want, and pay for it with additional sales of their products or services. 

Improves Cash flow:
There are two ways to increase cash flow – reduce costs and create additional sales. Gulf Barter does both! Gulf Barter provides business owners the opportunity to acquire what they need with what they have and al­lows them to preserve their working capital for other needs. 

Moves Excess Inventory:
Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with excess products. Traditionally this inventory is discounted, sold at a loss, donated or destroyed. Gulf Barter offers a new way to recover full market value for these commodities without impact­ing the brand or cash-paying customers. By selling “off-market” to Gulf Barter members a business retains full control over product placement and pricing. Gulf Barter matches sellers with buyers from across the GCC– providing a new outlet to move those prod­ucts. 

Realises Value from Underperforming Assets:
Participants can recover greater value versus dis­counting or liquidating.

Saves Cash on Capital Expenditures:
By funding new purchases with its own products or services, the true cost of acquiring new assets for a business becomes lower. 

Helps Beat Inflation:
Gulf Barter will offers a way for businesses to supplement their existing income through the process of trading their excess capacity or slow moving inventory for things they need. Regardless of the amount of money in the economy a business owner can still make acquisitions, create more brand awareness, fund mar­keting campaigns, reward customers, improve staff moral and enhance their lifestyle by trading what they have for what they need. 

Generates More Cash Sales:
Gulf Barter lets businesses purchase advertising using their own products or services as payment instead of cash. This method reduces the overall cost. By trading in downtime or excess stock, a business owner can fund new pro­motional campaigns to attract cash-paying customers through their doors.

Recovers Value From Unsold Time and Space:
Time and excess production capacity are a priceless non-recoverable, non-recyclable limited commodities. Selling these via Gulf Barter provides a mechanism for businesses to achieve greater wealth.

Increased Profits:
Sales generated via Gulf Barter are incremental business (over and above existing cash income). Using this new income a business owner can offset existing cash overheads and upcoming expenses by purchasing using Gulf Barter instead. The net result is more income and cash savings.

Provides Repeat Business  (Coming Soon):
Participants will patronize other members businesses over the competition because the credits they have earned are spent within the “community” of members.  

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